Eighth Ounce Perfumes-- (8 types to choose from)

$ 30.00

Not always...but sometimes offered on our Website...

Attention: an Eighth Ounce is NOT Eight Ounces.

An Eighth Ounce is a small amount--but is nonetheless offered in the Cream Colored fancy Satsumaware Bottles that we still use for some of our Quarter Ounce Floral Perfumes. (Exception: Hawaiian Night Mist is in Cobalt Blue.) This is the same packaging and size that we have offered for 40 years in over 200 stores in Hawaii.

It looks just like a Quarter Ounce.  What is different?  The size of the glass sleeve inside the Porcelain Vase.  

Eighth Ounces are also offered in plain glass--which fit nicely into your pocket or purse.

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