Haiku Special Virgin Organic Monoi

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Most of our Monoi of Maui is made with standard refined Coconut Oil very much the way that Monoi is made in Tahiti (although ours is in much smaller batches), and that is not a bad thing—  the proof being in its incredibly miraculous effect on skin and hair. 

That being said, we have found that some of our customers insist upon a special super premium product.

Virgin Coconut Oil is refined is a somewhat gentler way— from fresh rather than dried coconut— yielding a softer product, yet more deliciously "coconutty" in fragrance.

Our Haiku Natural Organics Monoi of Maui is made with: Virgin Organic Coconut Oil infused by enfleurage/maceration with Maui Grown plant materials, Essential Oils and/or Plant Absolutes,and nothing else.

Mixed by hand in batches never larger than three gallons, this is an extremely limited edition product and different versions are available seasonally only. 

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