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Hawaiian Classic Perfumes is by far the finest Perfume Collection in the Hawaiian Islands. These are oil based Perfumes, not diluted in SD Alcohol as are most of the products of most of our competitors.

Our Perfumes are packaged in lovely collectible ceramic bottles, packaging which is unique and memorable. 

Our product line includes Monoi of Maui, the Miraculous Natural Moisturizing Secret of Polynesia —and two fabulous all Natural Sunscreens.

Rounding out our line are Luxury Bath and Shower Gels and Luxury Bath Bars as well as Tropical Moisture Lotions in our unique signature fragrances, which are Maui Rain, Hawaiian Night Mist, Kona Rain, Kauai Rain and Love Me Tender.

We have spent more than forty years perfecting the fragrances and the lovely packaging; no other Hawaiian perfumes can compare. I'm confident that you will enjoy our Perfumes! 


Creator of...
Hawaiian Classic Perfumes

and Maui Natural Organics

We are fully vaccinated and boosted.

  We run 3 HEPA Filters 24/7 to keep our air as clean as possible. 

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