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AS low as $10 per bottle!

Our real life experience with Maui Surfer Honey SPF 30 has shown that it lasts 3.5 years without question—and our next batch, ready for sale in January 2023, will have date codes reflecting that reality.

Our current stock, which we want to close out now, carries an unfortunately premature date code of 09/22. (It will surely be good for at least 18 months beyond  that!)

We offer two Natural Mineral Based Sunscreens without harmful chemicals, rated # 1 and # 2 respectively by the Environmental Worlking Group.  No Parabens, no avobenzone or oxybenzone. No Nano particles. They are Reef Safe and People Safe.  We also offer a delightful moisture laden "After Sun Lotion" (no SPF).

There are many spurious claims regarding “Reef Safe” and different sunscreen formulations. Some companies have commissioned laboratories to review their products. It seems logical that only favorable reviews would be cited by those companies.

One wonders whether or not the “science” is biased in favor of the companies who pay for the reports. In many cases, the language of the reporting is carefully chosen and it is often deliberately confusing; in other words: “spinning the data, and spinning the “point of view” so that their argument seems a good one…

We base our claims on an unbiased view presented by the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect the environment and the people who live in it. Go to EWG.ORG to find out about the Environmental Working Group.

Our two Sunscreens has received the coveted #1 and # 2 ratings from the Environmental Working Group.  To access the report for Maui Natural SPF 30, go to: EWG Maui Natural Report. To access the report for Maui Surfer Honey SPF 30, go to: EWG Surfer Honey Report.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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