Order and turnaround time:   Our normal turnaround time is within 1 to 3 working days, but very occasionally can stretch to 5 or more working days.

Shipping to where you live:   Once you know what you might like to order, place the items in the "shopping cart". Our automatic calculator uses your entered address information along with the weights of your proposed items --to give you choices of how to ship, along with the prices for each choice BEFORE you commit to a purchase.

Return Policy Guarantee:  Return any product for any reason within 30 days and receive a refund or (if you prefer) a Credit for exchange. All returns must be sent back in original intact packaging and be in new condition. Refunds and Credits will be for merchandise only, exclusive of shipping and handling charges. Return refunds are subject to 5% restocking charge.

Shipping to Canada? We have heard from our regular Canadian customers that USPS (regular postal service) saves them money, as the Post Office acts as it's own customs broker saving them the brokerage fee that would be charged had they shipped by a courier such as FedEx, Purilator or DHL. Those fees are roughly $60.00.!   We thought we pass on this information to help you make your choice when selecting a shipping option. 


Pickup at our office

e seniors over 70... Place you order on our website and specify local pickup at checkout before submitting.   

Call us at 808 575 2100 and confirm a pickup time with a real live person--and call again when you arrive outside our door.
No changes upon arrival for pickup. 

Our Privacy Policy:  We hate spam!  As one of our valued clients, your privacy is very important to us. We do not sell nor share any of your private information. We have never bought, nor have we ever rented mailing lists for unsolicited mailings.