Collection: Monoi of Maui is a Miracle Conditioner for Skin and Hair!

Monoi is the Tahitian word for Scented Coconut Oil, a miraculous gift of Mother Nature, used for  many hundreds of years by peoples of Polynesia.  When infused with flower and/or plant parts, it becomes a delightfully vital fragrant conditioner and moisturizer for both hair and skin.

We created Monoi of Maui to fulfill the need for Natural Skin and Hair care without all the chemicals.   It is truly miraculous in how well it works.  Try it and you will be amazed.

Monoi Oil is a traditional preparation of liquid Coconut Oil with flower and/or plant parts soaked in and then (mostly) removed.  It has been used for a thousand or more years in Polynesia and the South Pacific, originating with the indigenous Maori people on the north Island of New Zealand.

There are other famous Monoi Oils, most notably from Tahiti, made in many floral types. Ours are hand made in Maui in small batches, never more than 30 gallons at a time, so you'll get a fresher product-- and we feature fragrances that the other guys don't have!

Polynesian women are known to have smooth lovely skin and rich flowing hair, in spite of harsh environmental conditions of blazing sun, and "salt air". Monoi oil is the secret: it keeps the skin vital and rich and shows amazing results as a hair conditioner.  It is a wonderful tanning oil— but use good sense: it is not a sunscreen and it will not protect from overexposure to the sun.

The manufacturing process is called "Enfleurage" when flowers and/or plant materials are steeped in a solid fat— which is the ancient traditional way that essential oils are extracted to make perfume.  When flower and/or plant parts  are soaked in a liquid oil, the process is called "Maceration". 

Our process varies according to ambient temperatures, because Natural Coconut Oil solidifies when the temperature drops below 76 degrees Fahrenheit.  Since temperature varies at our processing facility,  we use the words "Enfleurage" and "Maceration" somewhat interchangeably.

We make our Monoi right here at Alana Pua Farm (in Haiku, Maui)  in small batches, never more than 30 gallons at a time and most often in 5 to 15 gallon batches.

If temperatures (below 76 degrees) cause your Monoi to solidify, just place on a sunny windowsill, or soak in a bowl of hot (tap) water.  It will re-liquify in a short time. (Don't microwave!)

 Natural ingredients will sometimes separate, and fall to the bottom. This is normal and expected. Just shake well before using.  We are confident that you will love this product.  Aloha from Maui !


As a skin moisturizer, or tanning conditioner (not a sunscreen), massage in to smooth away dryness and leave your skin revitalized. For a delightful conditioning of your hair, apply throughout and let it stay for 12-15 minutes before shampooing normally.