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Monoi Pua KeniKeni 6.4 Oz

Monoi Pua KeniKeni 6.4 Oz


In Hawaiian, Pua means flower. Pua KeniKeni means ten cent flower and that's what it cost to buy a Lei made with them Ña hundred years ago when you stepped off your arriving Matson Liner at Honolulu Harbor.

Alana Pua Farm is lucky to have three of these small trees and they have become our new favorite. It seems lately that they never stop flowering producing cream colored trumpet shaped blossoms which transform to a golden orange all the while becoming more and more deliciously fragrant. We know of no other commercially made Monoi PuaKeniKeni.

For a delightful conditioning of your hair, apply throughout and let it stay for 12-15 minutes before shampooing normally. As a skin moisturizer, or tanning conditioner, massage in to smooth away dryness and leave your skin revitalized. Made in Maui with: Natural Coconut Oil infused by enfleurage with Maui Gro

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