I am in receipt of the perfume, thank you so very much for upgrading the packaging to the porcelain bottle. I really do appreciate this and also the samples. I know I will be in touch, as your perfumes and the most wonderful scent and I will be a customer for life.
Best wishes, Doreen
Hi Edward,
We just returned from Maui after being married on 7/7/08. While enjoying our honeymoon & shopping, I found your lovely perfume oils in many stores and purchased Maui Rain (only after taking two days to finally decide on Maui Rain - the island girls said Maui Rain was their most popular). I most likely will purchase others (Gardenia & Plumeria) and will consider for future gift ideas.
I'm loving this scent, it is truly beautiful and irresistible!!!!!
Dear Sir,
I travel to the Islands as often as I can. 
The last time I was there I was on Kauai and found your White Ginger and fell in love. I also love the Maui Rain and Pikake. I have never before found a fragrance that so matches the leis I wear when over there, the rest all smelled fake, but yours makes me feel like I just stepped out of the ocean and into a jungle of flowers. Thank you so very much for producing the fragrances as authentic as you do and for giving me the chance to purchase them, have them shipped to me in California, and pretend like I am still in the islands. 
Dana H.
I have been to Hawaii twice and each time I make sure I purchase your perfume. I hand carry the jars back to Florida since I do not want anything to happen to them. I had Maui Rain and Gardenia. Just love the Gardenia and you are correct when you say it is so close to a natural Gardenia. This past trip I purchased White Ginger and Island Pikake. I haven’t seen Love Me Tender or Hawaiian Mist at the Hilton Hawaiian Village where we stayed. However, those are on my list for sure! Your website is on my favorite website list!!
Mahalo and Aloha,.     Patricia
ps-my family lives in Kauila
To whom it may concern,
I am so thankful for this perfume! I can emphasize enough the magic in these tiny bottles! There is nothing on the market that could hold a candle to YOU!
Again thank you,  
Anne M.
sr. Dennis Edward Bell
En el ano 1991 estube en maui y compre un perfume bueno fui la mujer mas afortunada es el mejor perfume del mundo me emcanta su aroma sobre todo para el tropico ya que vivo en venezuela todo el mundo me pregunta , que perfume tienes? despues de ese tiempo cuarde mi botella con la esperanza de volver a tenerla mi hijo como estudiaba en miami de regalo de navidad me trajo una estoy tan feliz es el mejor regalo que pudiera tener. mi felicidad es tal que tenia que hacer esta carta auque se que esta en espanol, yo entiendo mucho ingles pero no lo escribo bueno gracias por fabricar un perfume tan femenino atentamente Rhaiza de L.
Caracas Venezuela.