Summertime Blues Buster Specials


Summertime Blues wearing you down? 

Temperatures are soaring...the economic outlook is mixed at best.. The Western US is parched...the Middle East is in flames (again).  Russia is acting worse than ugly.  Europe is in an economic funk...  What else is new?

Big Money will control the next benefit guess who?     Big Money.

Globalization has made some things cheaper and that's a lucky thing because our average earnings cannot nearly cover the lifestyle that the average family once enjoyed.  Not even close.

Well Dammit!   We are a small manufacturer of Made in USA products and we can't affect any solution to "all of the above",  but we can... 

                "Just say no to the Summertime Blues!"
To "ease your pain" we are offering 10% off every purchase over $60— and 20% off every purchase over $100.  When you checkout, use coupon code:     BluesBuster-10    or    BluesBuster-20

So long as your pre-discounted total reaches $60 you will enjoy: 

Reduced pricing on every Perfume, Lotion and Bath Product!

Reduced pricing on our miraculous Monoi of Maui Oils!

Reduced Pricing on Maui Naturals SPF 30 Sunscreens!


We continue to add new products and hope you will enjoy them as much as those we've been making  for nearly  thirty-five years!  Thanks for your continued loyalty.  With Warm Aloha--



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